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The association was established in 2005 with the goal to protect  and create human right, spiritual and cultural values  mainly dealing with Hungarian women  and children in Slovakia, and it embraces the increase support  of equal opportunity on the all fields of life.

Active undertaking and realization of the equal opportunities and advocacy for Hungarian women and children in Slovakia .The most effective way to achieve these goals is to increase women’s participation in decision-making positions in local, district, county and national level political representation, government agencies and leading institutions, private companies and NGOs direction

Our goal is to actively take and implement the equal opportunities for  Hungarian women and children in Slovakia and defending their interests The most effective way this can be achieved by increasing  women’s participation in decision-making positions: local, district, district, county and national level policy advocacy, public agencies and institutions, leadership, management of private companies and non-governmental organizations in the field.

By mapping the situation and problems of Hungarian women and children in Slovakia  and the fight for decision-making positions other topics are relevant, too . We deal with the local women’s (Czech / Slovak) history, processing of stories of their position in the labor market and analysis of their possibilities.

It is important to present the successes of  (Czech) Slovak Hungarian women’s starting from 1919 continuosly by today , continuously present in the form of technical publications in scientific work, public life and the arts.

We treat as a priority target undertaking of the topic of  violence against women and children. With organization of trainings, educational lectures and problem solving sessions are trying to contribute to the recognition of the problem for those who suffer of violence, but for the rest of society, and the legal and practical topics to treatment

Our activites in bullet points include the following:

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